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PROCESS DESIGN - Design Explorations

The dynamic nature of PROCESS DESIGN enables the exploration of new innovations and the adaptation of future challenges.  The changing role of architects favor and integrated approach to architecture incorporating design through the collaboration of leading specialists and consulting disciplines. We believe the “best ideas” in the design and discovery process may come from anyone and everyone on the design team.  


PROCESS MODEL.  Design excellence is achieved through a creative, efficient and integrated design process with the right design team and tools to communicate.  Atelier Ryder process model supports its discovery process with a clear understanding of project goals, vision, and approach to sustainable solutions.  Process visualization integrates several elements of the design process with several tools for communication in a way to lead the team to high value outcomes through the use of design charettes, 3-D computer simulation and modeling, physical study models, hand sketches, and traditional documentation.

Time, use, flow, values, and constructability relate to each other in an inclusive analysis for client insight and decision making.  This results in a balance between a process-oriented approach with its unknown outcome and project visions for clients.  Listed within this section are a variety of example projects completed with Co-Founder + Managing Principal at DRDS. 


RESEARCH + KNOWLEDGE.   Atelier Ryder implements a discovery process by focusing on research that is project driven. Rigorous methodologies merge programming, planning, systems analysis, materials and form to create innovative solutions for clients. Reverse engineering is employed, continually informing the process, generating aesthetic and efficient buildings that are within project parameters including scope and budget. 


Research, enhanced by collaboration, generates meaningful content that positively impacts projects. Our collective knowledge base, enhanced by alliance partners, includes foreign and domestic architects, developers, contractors, entrepreneurs and consultants who are experts in their respective fields. This facilitates the exploration and execution of comprehensive design strategies, providing a rich and continuous exchange of ideas that develop on a parallel track with the creation of architecture.


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