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WHAT - Value Add

Atelier Ryder design expertise offers a number of “value added” design services that include strategic planning, innovation, repositioning, entitlements, and P3 development partnerships. Several examples of Value Add projects while Partner at DRDS the last 10 years and NBBJ prior include the following projects.  



  • Texas A&M University Research Park - Team leader in providing new vision for private sector participation in new donor buildings     

  • Scripps Outpatient Clinic, San Diego, CA - Three design alternatives for new 50,000 SF facility

  • Sacramento Riveredge Master Plan, Sacramento, CA - City Entitlements for 1.4 Mil SF Mixed-use Development with civic concensus. 

  • Hamyang Four Seasons Resport, Korea - P3 design leadership for project entitlements for a new  25,000 SM resort community  



  • Boston Private Wealth, Trust and Banking - Branch Office rebranding, San Francisco, CA

  • NHN Headquarters - 100,000 SM new corporate headquarter 

  • UTHSC Children Cancer Research Center -  Knowledge to build $50Mil center of excellent

  • Hwaseong Sports Complex, Korea - Civic Icon award winning $180 Mil complex                     

  • The Grove at Farmers Market, Los Angeles, CA - Master Plan vision leadership to assist Owner with the development agreement with Gilmore Family Trust to realize project

  • Korea Land and Housing Authority -  65,000 SM open design competition win

  • KNN Media Center - 50,000 SM design competition win


  • UC Hasting College of the Law Classroom Expansion, San Francisco, CA 

  • Wateridge Circle, San Diego, CA - Conversion of tilt-up R+D to Corporate HQ

  • Shenzhen District 03 Mixed-use, China - Design leadership for 373,200 SM IT-based mixed-use business center       with commercial and cultural assets.


  • Santa Monica Gateway, Santa Monica, CA - City DRB and Planning Approvals 

  • Beijing World Jewelry Expo, China -  Iconic design and entitlement leadership for new 400,000 SM mixed-use         civic and commercial retail P3 development. 

  • Sacramento Riveredge Master Plan, Sacramento, CA - City Entitlements for 1.4 Mil SF Mixed-use          
    Development with civic concensus. 

  • 445 Ash Street, San Diego, CA - Increased FAR and City Entitlements Approval



  • Texas A&M University Discovery Center - P3 Design Leadership to win project

  • Nuritkum Square, Seoul, Korea - international design leadership for 150,000 SM P3 development 

  • CJ Media & Entertainment HQ -  65,000 SM new corporate headquarter 

  • Goyang Arena, Ilsan, Korea - Design leadership to win a $70 Mil P3 development for Hyundai 

  • Gwangju Institute of Science & Technoloby Campus - 150,000 SM new undergraduate campus for the MIT of           Korea and Hyundai P3 Consortium 

  • Infinity Forum R&D Center - 50,000 SM P3 development for Samsung C+T Consortium for the new international     and domestic research and development center